El Clásico

The up-coming El Clásico this weekend, 26.10.2013 at 18:00 p.m. is probably the event that the people of Barcelona are waiting for with a great deal of excitement!


El Clásico is the name given to the game between Barcelona and Real Madrid. The match is the second most watched football game in the world after the World Cup Final which means that it is the most watched club match on earth!

This is the first El Clásico this season (2013/14). So be ready to be part of a high class football game. If you want to take part of this spectacular show live you can buy tickets from several websites like Barcelona BellowFootball-tickets Barcelona or viagogo to name a few.

But be ready to put a lot of money out for the tickets as they starts from 200€ with different taxes so count in at least 250-500€/ticket.

If you don’t have the money for going to the Camp Nou, don’t worry Barcelona has a good variety of sports bars that will show El Clásico live for you! Like Sonora Sports Tavern, Belushi’s, Flaherty’s Irish Bar, La Taverna, Snooker, and the Black Lion among others.

To get you more in the mood for El Clásico we will tell you a little about the FC Barcelona Stadium!

The game itself is legendary but there is one thing that is as famous as the game or the club and that is the stadium of Barcelona, the Camp Nou.

Camp Nou which means “new field” in Catalan was built in the 1950’s and was finished in 1957 on September the 24th it is to this day the biggest stadium in Europe with a capacity of about 98,800 seats. The capacity has varied some because of different standards but now a day it is around 98,800.


Barça’s need for a new stadium grew stronger after the Spanish Civil War in 1939. They noticed that the several expansions projects for giving space to more fans no longer could satisfy the fast growing support of Barça. They needed a whole new stadium.

It was not an easy thing to convince the authorities that a new stadium was needed and that it also was going to be able to fit in with the development of the upper area of the Diagonal, at the time. For a couple of years the Camp Nou commission negotiated with the authorities which got them no-where. So the construction of a new stadium stood still until Francesc Miró-Sans became presidential of FC Barcelona in 1953.


He went to locate the future stadium on the site, purchased some years before, and laid the first stone of Camp Nou before a crowd of 60,000 Barça fans and under supervision of the civil governor Felipe Acedo Colunga plus with the blessing of the Archbishop of Barcelona.


The construction took 3 years and was finally finished in September 1957. The inauguration took place during the La Merce festival on 24th of September with the blessing of the stadium from the Archbishop of Barcelona. Performances like the Orfeón Graciense choir and the new Stadium Anthem.  A lot of important people were on site especially in the Presidents lounge. A big parade on the grass with representatives of all the major football clubs in Catalonia. The ceremony ended with a friendly game against Warsaw from Poland which Barça won 4-2. During half time 10,000 doves was released as a sign for the new era of FC Barcelona had just begun.


Camp Nou has been host for other sports than football, been host for several famous artist and have the second-most visited museum in Barcelona, the FC Barcelona Museum with more than 1 million visitors per year.

It is a must go if you are in Barcelona and is a little bit interesting in football or sport.

So be part of the this first season’s El Clásico! It is going to be a great party on Saturday when Barça wins 😉

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