Autumn in Barcelona, what to do?

November is here and it seems the summer will be over soon. Last week was cold and grey but it seems a late Indian summer just arrived  to Barcelona. I don’t think it will last long though but a few warmer days are better than none :). Autumn is actually a beautiful seasons with its red and yellow leafs, more quiet than during the summer and it brings an interesting calm charm.  And then there is the other side with cold winds, rainy days and grey clouds. I guess evertyhing has good and bad sides.


Although autumn can be harsh in some European countries such as the countries in the North. There the weather are often unsteady and can switch from a sunny day to a rainy afternoon.

In Spain, Barcelona, the weather is milder than the Northern-European countries. Well it is still cooler than this September or October but compared to the Northern-European countries it is still pretty warm. Although the winds can bring cool air but it is frisky! Just remember to put enough clothes on.

But what to do in Barcelona during autumm?

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There are plenty of things to do in Barcelona during autumn. Plus that there are fewer tourists, which mean the lines are shorter. 

For people who want to see the museums, architecture and feel the romantic autumn vibes in Barcelona, October – early December days are the time to visit Barcelona. After that begins the winter.

During the autumn days you can visit the different museums, see the modernist architecture and of course visit La Sagrada Familia. In between take a bite or coffee at one of many cosy cafeterias and lunch restaurants that can be found around every corner in Barcelona! Or are you a football fan? Then you should definitely watch one of Barças games at Camp Nou.

Barcelona has a lot of different museums. Museu Nacinal d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) at Montjuic/Plaça España, Museu Picasso in El Born district, FC Barcelona museum at Camp Nou and many many more! Find out more about different museums. For families the Barcelona Zoo and L’Aquarium de Barcelona are highly recommended.

The modernist buildings can you found in the Eixample district of Barcelona. Casa Batlló and La Pedrera are ones of the modernist buildings there.

During autumn the football leagues kicks-in and there is almost a game every week at Camp Nou. The prices for a Barça game depends on who they are playing against. Find the scedule at their webiste FC Barcelona.


Autumn is also a very good time for shopping. As the weather is cooler you don’t have to carry all the bags in 28 degrees or more and get all sweaty. Instead you can carry them in perfect shopping weather, which is a little cooler, cloudy and windy.      

It is hard to say where the best shopping is, as Barcelona is divided into many districts with their own unique qualities of shops, bars and restaurants. The main shopping area though is Around Plaça Catalunya and Las Ramblas. There you will find everything from small boutiques to main-stream chains to fashion.

Corte Ingles and MareMagnum are the biggest commercial centres near Las Ramblas. Then there is Passeig de Gracía, a street which has a lot of fashions shops. A little further away, to the west, at Plaça España you can find the commercial centre Les Arenas and then there is Avinguda Diagonal with more than 4km of boutiques and to the east there is Diagonal Mar near the beach. If you are in Barcelona during the end of November you should go to Passeig de Gracía because there will be Barcelona Shopping Night the 24th of November.


As I said before, it is hard to say where to go shopping. The best thing might be to just walk around and maybe visit one of the commercial centres. Just walk in the streets and look around you will find for sure something that suits your taste of shopping! 


The best thing in Barcelona according to me is the food! Barcelona has broad variety of restaurants and bars, cosy ones that is and what isn’t better, during a rainy afternoon, than spending it in one of them? Try out different tapas bars, seafood restaurants and cafeterias. The prices varies a lot, it depends mostly where in Barcelona you are. Is it a touristy place or more local one? The local ones are cheaper and also have a more authentic Catalan atmosphere. You can find every cuisine in Barcelona from Oriental to Asian to American to European to Catalan.  Just like shopping I recommend you to walk around and just walk into the restaurant/bar/café that you think looks cosy or offers the menus that you fancy. 

If you are sceptial you can alway Google the name of the restaurant/bar/cafeteria and read the reviews to be sure if it is a good or bad one. If you don´t find anything that you like use Google maps and it will find the nearest restaurants near you! This also works for shopping, bars and cafeterias.


In the evening after you have eaten enjoy some drinks at one of Barcelona’s many cocktail bars. At world best bars you will find a good list over bars in Barcelona! 

If you want more tips what to do in Barcelona check-out TimeOut Barcelona they have a lot of good tips on what to do here!

Welcome to enjoy the autumn months of Barcelona, it is a little cloudier than during the summer but the vibrations are as good as it can be and it sure is very romantic. 

Please do take some pictures from your stay and share them on FacebookTwitterInstagram or Pinterest via the hashtag #aptb4s

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