Daytrips outside Barcelona

Barcelona our beautiful Catalonian head capital has a lot to offer, but so does the rest of Catalonia. Fortunately there are a lot of things to do near Barcelona, for those who don’t want to stay away for too long from our marvellous city.


It is easy to do several different day trips from Barcelona. To the south there are Vilanova i la Geltrú, Tarragona. Sitgez and near Tarragona is the famous amusement park Port Aventura.

Vilanova i La Geltrú is mostly a port town and they have a lot of good seafood restaurants near the harbour! Did you know that a big amount of the fish that is sold in Barcelona is actually caught in Vilanova. There are of course other things to see in Vilanova than fish, like La Biblioteca Museu Victor Balaguer, El Museu del Ferrocarril and there are also a lot of carnival celebrations in Vilanova!


Tarragona is an old city and has a lot of remnants from the Roman times such as the El Forum, the Roman circus and amphitheatre. It is a city rich of history and gastronomy! Tarragona is also famous for their great human towers, Castellers. We have also heard that they have great Calçots.


Sitges is most famous for hosting the annual film festival and great carnivals but also has a rich history. One of the main attractions is the church of Sant Bartomeu, CauFerratMuseum and Palau Maricel. Sitges is also famous for their beaches and has over 15 beaches.   


The amusement park Port Aventura is one of the biggest in Europe! Only one hour from Barcelona. There you can ride everything you can imagine, a great experience for children and grown ups a like.

Mapa General

Along the coastline towards north are Costa Brava and Girona plus the famous monastery at Montserrat to the north of Barcelona.

Costa Brava is mainly a tourist resort during the summers, because of the long beaches. It is a good place to spend the time on the beach and experience the Catalonian gastronomy.

las-mejores-playas-de-la-costa-bravaGirona is an old town north-east from Barcelona. It is a city rich of history and has seen a lot of war. There are a lot of things to see in Girona the Cathedral, the Old Town, the Jewish Quarter to name a few.


Pretty close to Barcelona one can find the Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey. It is a monastery in the mountains of Montserrat. It is very famous and is one of the Catalonian cultural landmarks. The view from the mountain is spectacular; sometimes one can see the Mallorca Island.

montserrat-1This is just some of the few cities and places one can visit outside Barcelona. There are of course a lot of villages and small cities spread along the coastline and throughout Catalonia. One can also just enjoy the Catalan country side and visit one of several vineyards, go hiking, horseback riding and bicycling for example, or rent a car and drive along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline.

The possibilities are endless, best to check it out for yourself. Visit the following websites to know more about daytrips around Barcelona: Tursime de Barcelona, Barcelona Book and Day trips Barcelona, these websites are just a few of many companies that is offering help with your day trips planning.

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