El Born Centre Cultural

Barcelona has recently opened a new cultural centre, in September after several years of reconstruction, El Born Centre Cultural. It is a unique place which brings together three centuries of the Catalan history. The former marketplace of Ribera is now a place for exhibitions and history.


El Born Centre Cultural is a hub for the neighbourhood as well as for the Catalan culture. El Born CC represents and shows the life of Barcelona during the events from 1700. One can say that it is like a witness of history of what happened in Catalonia, by that time full of life, commerce and laughter and which were silenced by the attackers and the siege of Barcelona. It shows the life after the war, the Spanish succession and how Catalonia was rebuilt.

interior mercat vell

One can say that it is like a “city within a market” as the Ajuntament de Barcelona would say. It is a place full of perspectives on the inhabitants of Barcelona through the three centuries, it is nearly magical. 


El Born CC has a broad variety of cultural activities. The archaeological site, Ciutat del Born, the main exhibition which shows the Barcelona during 1700; with the exhibition of the Barcelona Siege, 1714, the main event during that century. The exhibition also shows art and cultural events, fashion, and people from those years to give us a perspective how it was to live in Catalonia during that century.


There is other exhibition where visitors will find crafts, cloths, home interior etc that will show you how the Catalonians lived through the centuries, which ones were bad years and which ones were rather good. One of the more interesting exhibition is the Sala de la Guerra (war room). Which shows hundreds of different bombs, weapons and a lot more. 

They have a restuarant there so that you will have a chance of tasting the historic gastronomi of Catalonia.


The upper area of el Born CC is open for everyone and many from the neighbourhood walks through the old marketplace daily, as it is free. To visit the ruins one has to pay a entrance fee.

The opening hours for the upper area are from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00-20:00. To know more about their guide tours visit their website

A must go if you are interested in Catalonian history or history overall. If you are on a tight budget just walk around the former marketplace and enjoy.   

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