Encants Market

The Encants market has recently been renovated about two months ago! Nowadays the market has longer opening hours and is open every day during the week. It has been calculated that the visitor has been increased from 90 000 to 150 000 which means that the turnover has risen incredible after the re-opening of the market.

Encants Barcelona

The stall owners and trades have been really glad to see that the turnover has been increased and it has risen so high that about 70 new jobs has been created on the market.

Also when the opening hours are longer than before the traders and stall owners gets more customers.

Everyone is really happy how successful the re-opening of the Encants Market has been.


The improvements which has been done is different kinds of repairs on the site like the roof, reinforced water supply meeting the increased demand, more signpost making it easier to orientate at the market, more canopies are being established for protection against sun and rain, more tables and chairs around the “food corner” and last week a new restaurant opened, the Mirall dels Encants.


It is a market worth visiting, enjoying the good vibrations, eating very delicious varieties of street food. They have about 6 small restaurants in the food corner serving seafood, pasta, hamburgers, pizza, asian among others.


At Encants market you can find everything from antique to new stuff, from a door knob to advanced technology, you just have to search at the right table 😉


The market is opposite the Agbar tower near the Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes and is very easy to reach with metro (L1 the red line) to the metro station Glòries or with tram (T4 the green line) to the tram station Glòries. If you are uncertain where it is, look at this map!

location encants

Perfect to visit for some christmas shopping 🙂

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