New Year’s Resolutions

How many does not make New Year’s resolution to feel a little better, promise to quit smoking, eat healthier, read some books, exercise more and what not. 3 weeks into January they haven’t done anything to start aiming their goal. Why is this?


Well maybe it is because that many New Year’s Resolutions are made at the same time as the last bell chimes sounds before the New Year, improvised decisions made with a little tipsy head, that just say something for the sake of saying a New Year’s Resolution without any back thought.

I bet there will be a lot explaining after the last bell chime but what I meant is that people should make a plan for keeping the New Year’s Resolution. Not just making it up at the last second and then the next day wake up without remembering what they had promised the evening before.


To keep to a New Year’s Resolution you should have a clear vision of what it is that you want to do. Do you want to read books, eat healthier, save more of your salary, and exercise more etc. If you decide your New Year’s Resolution during the last bell chimes at New Year’s Eve though, here are some tips on how you should try to plan it to keep your promise.


After you have decided what you are aiming for you should make a schedule how to reach your goal.


For example, if you want to exercise more and be in greater shape make a schedule of carefully planned hours at the gym, running sessions etc. As long as it is regular and when you get into the habit of going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday, it will get a lot easier. It is the same with everything else. If you want to save money make a budget on how much you spend on food, daily care and so on. Count out how much you spend on unnecessary stuff like buying candy, chips, and clothes and then make a plan on how much you want to save each month. It is very important to be organized to succeed.


The most important thing is that you have realistic goals, goals that you can achieve by yourself or by the help of a friend or partner.  Sometimes it is easier to have a partner to achieve a difficult goal, such as quit smoking. If you are several people trying to quit it is easier than for a person alone. As the group supports each others and one knows that one is not alone in the difficult task of ending years of smoking habit.


In your schedule you should also put in so called checkpoints or reward days.  Like during the reward day you can cheat eat, buy something. Well it is kind hard to give a cigarette to a smoker who is trying to quit but instead of giving a cigarette do something the person/persons likes to do, as long as it is something rewarding for the hard work.

Even though the person is in a habit it is often good to have a reminder, a friend or partner whose reminds you of the task an app on your smart phone that will help you to keep aiming for the goal.

This is just some tips on how to manage to keep the New Year’s Resolutions. We hope your new year started.

Here is some 10 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolution.


What is your thought about New Year’s Resolutions?

Remember not to change to much, you are who you are! 🙂

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