Plan Your Travels!

Have you start dreaming to go to warmer latitudes already? If you haven’t maybe it is time to start planning?


At this point you have to fly a little further than Europe to enjoy of warm water and sunny beaches but why travel now when it’s high season for tourism in south-east Asia, why not wait a few months and come to Barcelona.

Not as far as and a lot cheaper to fly to the beautiful Mediterranean Sea capital, Barcelona than flying across half the world.


If you want to you can only take a weekend break, fly down to Barcelona enjoy of its excellent gastronomy, walk in the cosy narrow streets, visit the spectacular works of Gaudi and just enjoy the famous Barcelona vibrations.

Depending on you arrival you might have a chance to eat the famous Catalan dish, la Calçotada. A very delicious dish, read more about here. Any how the gastronomy of Barcelona is excellent and offers a variety of different restaurants. The seafood is a must do though.

Early spring and spring is one of the most romantic times during the year in Barcelona, the weather is warm but not as warm as during summer. Flowers are blooming and a new atmosphere hangs over Barcelona. A perfect time for couples!

Summer is sunbathing and partying. With the beaches packed of people, it is a nice time to just be in Barceloneta and enjoy the vibrations.

Early autumn the locals often travels away and not too many local restaurants are open and you here more English, German, French and other languages than Catalan. The weather is still warm through out autumn and gets colder in late October early November.

Winter has its charms to, but the weather is colder and the wind can be bitty sometimes and there is a higher chance of rain. Not as much tourists as during summer and autumn so if you want to meet more locals winter is a perfect time to visit Barcelona.

Conclusion is that Barcelona offers everything for everyone; it is just you who has to decide what you like more.


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Hope to see you in Barcelona

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