Barcelona Carnaval

Tomorrow we will start Barcelona Carnival. The Carnaval will be standing for six days, until the 5th of March.

Carnival will be in all the districts of the city, the different parades and shows will be colorfull and joyfull to celebrate this carnival week in Barcelona.


From the ambassadors presentation to the sardine entombment, Carnival traditions will be respected and here is the program of the week :

27th of February

  • 11h : “Jueves lardero” and presentation of the 7 ambassadors
    • Place : Mercado de la Concepció
  • 18h : Arrival of the Carnival King and party of the arrival with Máscaras dance
    • Place : Barrio de la Ribera

28th of February :

  • 20h. El Carnaval histórico
    • Place : Mercado del Born

1st of March :

  • Los desfiles de Carnaval

2nd of March :

  • 17h. La Taronjada
    • Place : Plaza Comercial

5th of March :

  • 11h. El entierro de la sardina
    • Place : Parque de la Ciutadella

Hope you will enjoy the Carnival and have fun !


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