Do you know what tech-free holidays are?

Tech free is the fact of quitting during a time kind of technologies like smart phones, tablets, computers etc. The aim is to be offline from emails, social media, and professional calls during your holidays to be relax, less stressed and recharged. We also called that digital detox for people who feel addicted to their gadgets.Want some tech-free holidays in Barcelona ?

1- First of all and evidently, once you arrived at your flat for your holidays in Barcelona turn off all your devices and leave them in a sure place for all your stay there.


– Take with you the less devices possible, a mobile phone is may be the only acceptable gadget to carry during holidays to contact your flat agency at your arrival or for real emergencies ONLY.

– Put your devices in a place you can’t see them during your stay, trying to forgot them and not to succumb to temptation to use them..

– Do not take battery charger during your holidays and just come with a few battery on your devices. One reason more to not use them.images41242

2- Do relaxing activities. The aim is to calm yourself and put away all the stress in you because of work, worries etc.


– Go to spas and having massages, one of the best way to relax yourself, muscles and nerves. Here are the best places for spas and massages in Barcelona.

– Practice yoga in Barcelona. Yoga allows you a well-being sensation, better resistance to tiredness, dynamism. Also yoga fights stress and anxiety. Practicing yoga you will feel better with yourself and appeased. Here is the best place for yoga in Barcelona.

– Go outside in peaceful parks to have a break and just relax yourself outsides. One of the best place to go is Parc Ciutadella where people go to relax too and where you can rent a small boat to sail on the lake. You can also have good time in Horta park where you will enjoyed its labyrinth or in Monjuic Park.

– Enjoy beach time in La Barceloneta to disconnect of your working life and real feel you are in holidays. The sand and the palmtrees will also halp you to not think to your devices and you will forget the need to use them.

Ciutadella Park

Ciutadella Park

3- The last way to have good tech-free and relaxing holidays is to eat healthy food. Forgotten the fast food and not healthy food during your working life. Here you are in holidays and have time to eat and enjoy good food for you. Moreover, healthy food will help you to relax and purify your body and mind.


– Here are the best biologic food restaurants in Barcelona

– Go in barrs and restaurants where there is no Wifi to avoid temptation.

– And think to enjoyed picnic in the parks we quoted just before !

Hope that with all these tips your tech-free holidays will be beneficial for you, that you feel relax and peaceful with yourself and that you will be less addicted to your devices and to social media. Enjoy simple things is the secret to come away from our devices.

Will you be ready for a new and longer tech-free experience in Barcelona ?

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