And what about taxis in Barcelona ?

Meet or find a taxi in Barcelona is very easy. There are a lots of taxis in the street and in stops taxis in the most famous and touristic places. Then, you can also catch a taxi in the street handing your hand up in the street if this taxi has its green light on the top which means it’s available. All taxis bill the same price by kilometre, those prices are fixed by the Cataluña region. As in many cities, you will pay a little extras if you have suitcases, pets, or if it’s the night. It’s important to know that it’s forbidden smoking, eating and drinking in the taxis. Finally, think to have cash to pay the little rides below 20€.

To be sure to meet a taxi when and where you want, many applications have been create to call and booked your taxi as you want. These applications are also an easy way pay as you can do it directly by the way of the app’. Here are some of them available in Barcelona city :

–          GooTaxi

–          MyTaxi

–          Wannataxi

–          Hailo

–          …image

*Another alternative to taxis to commute*

The fast growing application UBER created four years ago is available in Barcelona. The concept is to book the ride who need to do in advance but it’s some private drivers with their own car who will drive you instead of taxi. The advantage of this application is that it’s very fast to have a car, you can see the car coming to you on the map on your mobile, you can note the driver, the payment is easy, automatic and can be shared with others in the car thank to the application.


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