Chiringuitos in Barcelona

What are Chiringuitos ?

Chiringuitos are small Spanish bars and restaurants built temporary, for example on the beach, and devoted to the sale of food and beverages. In Catalonia, there are a lots of these establishments due to the presence of numerous beaches and the tourist attraction of the region, here we write Xiringuito.”

Where are the best ?

  • 1- La Guingueta de Barceloneta

This chiringuito wishes to bring up the culinary level of the Barcelona beach: regular and designer sandwiches, salads, tapas and ice cream. Great quality without paying more than you would at any of the other chiringuitos which makes him very interesting.

Adress: Platja de Sant Miquel, s/n, Barcelona ||


  • 2- Chiringuito del Mar

Located at the Plaza del Mar in La Barceloneta it offers a wide variety of mid-morning snacks and lunches (the coffee machine starts running at nine in the morning). Menu highlights include quesadillas, classic sandwiches and tapas. Their nachos are a big hit, and they also have good hummus, artichokes and spicy chorizo.

Adress: Plaça del Mar s/n, Barceloneta,Barcelona || Web :

  • 3- Xiringuito Escriba

At the chiringuito runs by the famous Escribà family, you can order all kinds of rice dishes, seasonal seafood and excellent appetisers. Make sure to leave room for dessert, because you can’t leave the table without having tried one of the cakes or sweets prepared by the family’s bakeries.

Adress: Avinguda del Litoral, 42, El Poblenou,Barcelona || Web : www.xiringuitoescriba.comescriba

  • 4- Xiringuito Pez Vela

An incomparable seafront setting and simple cuisine to eat like grilled fish, rice dishes and salads, this deluxe ‘chiringuito’ or beach bar sits at the foot of the massive W hotel. High cool factor in terms of the crowd and music.

Adress: Pg. del Mare Nostrum, 19, B  arceloneta, Barcelona || Web : http://www.grupotragaluz.compezvela_IMG_1334a

  • 5- Ziringuito de Mar Bella

This one is the most popular and oldest gay chiringuito on the beach. The bar is located next to the nude beach. The ‘Chiringay’ usually organises a variety of parties during the summer months.

Adress: Platja de la Mar Bella, s/n, Sant Martí, Barcelona ||

Chiringuitos information & Websites :

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