What happens there in September in Barcelona ?

Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 – Demanoenmano Market

Demanoenmano (hand to hand) market is a mix between creative workshop, vintage and second hand purchase and live music by Barcelonans’ DJs.

A perfect place to meet Barcelonians in their everyday life !

More information about this event on Demanoenmano website


Sundays 7 and 14 – Piknic Electronic

piknic Electronik

This famous summer event continues in September !

Come and enjoy live DJs performance all afternoon in the beautiful Joan Brossa Garden on Montjuic Hill.

There is two zones at this festival, one for adults and the biggest for families with great spaces for the children where kids have the chance to take part in a lot of activities organised just for them.

Tickets and more informations here : Piknic Electronik


Sunday 7 at 9 am – Cursa Barca

cursa barça

Famous football club FCBarcelona organise for the first time a race of 10K around the FCB’s Stadium – Camp Nou – and in a part of nearby neighborhoods.

With your registration you will receive many gifts and the chance to run with the stars of FCB !

More information and subscription here : Cursa Barça

cursa barça plan


Monday 11 – Day of Catalonia (Bank holiday)


A very important day for all Catalans. You could enjoy a lot of cultural events and music in the city all the day with fireworks for the night in Monjuic.



Friday 19 – First day of Merce Festival in honour of Barcelona’s Patron Saint, Virgin of Mercy (Bank holiday)


Les Festes de la Merce is the most popular festival during September in Barcelona!

You can’t miss it !


Friday 19 to Wednesday 24 – Merce Festival Barcelona 2014

Celebrations are taking part in a lot of places in Barcelona. The festival offers a wide variety of events and it is the largest street party in Barcelona with great music, parades, dancing, cultural and sport events and a lot of fireworks.

More information here : Merce 2014

Els Castellets (Human Towers)


Amazing show which provides a lot of fun. The most spectacular part is the end when the smallest person, usually a child, trying to stand at the top of the tower which have to be as high as possible. Thousands of people are coming every year to see human towers.

El Coreefoc : Diablos y demonios (Devils and demons)


Dragons, devils, demons and another scary monsters are walking on the streets and scare the people with fire, fireworks and performances.

Gigantes (Gigant Parade)


Usually it takes place at Placa St Jaume. Giants who are having a good time dancing and walking on the streets are accompanied with some drum music played by small groups of musicans. Giants are mainly queens and kings, nobles and saints. You can’t miss this as well.

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