What to do with children in Barcelona ?

Barcelona4seasons have prepared a selection of places that will please toyou and for sure to your children during your visit to Barcelona !


The Amusement Park of Tibidabo


This park is on the top of the mount tibidabo, so you have a beautiful view of all Barcelona.

You can enjoy nice traditional and modern attraction for all the family ! And don’t forget to visit the automats museum.

Next to the amusement park there is a a church called Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón that you can admire.

How to go at Tibidabo ? You can take the blue tram and the funicular until the top perfect transporting to please children !

The Zoo and Tibidabo make a common ticket called “Tibizoo”, ideal if you want to visit both of them

More informations here


The Aquarium of Barcelona


You’ll enjoy the world largest Mediterranean collection of marine animals and plants, with more than 450 species, 80m long underwater tunnel as you can see sharks, rays swimming overhead.

The perfect place for all the family !

How to go here: Metro Green line to station “Drassanes” or Yellow Line to station “Barceloneta”.

Buy your tickets online, enjoy a discount and avoid the queues at the entrance!

The aquarium is located on port vell.

More informations here


The Zoo of Barcelona


The Zoo of Barcelona is the perfect place to discover a lot of animals like Lions, tigers, sea-lions, giraffes, elephants and more in the center of the city, near of the park of Ciutadella.

It will delight all members of the family !

The Tibidabo and the Zoo make a common ticket called “Tibizoo”, ideal if you want to visit both of them

More informations here


Cosmo Caixa


One of the biggest science museum in Europe, on this 5 floors you’ll discover space, Flooded Forest, a reproduction of a flora- and fauna-filled corner of Amazonia, and the Geological Wall !

On the plus side, the installations for children are excellent like the Planetarium pleases those aged 5-8, and the wonderful Clik 3-6 and Flash 7-9 introduce children to science through games.

How to go here? With bus nº17, 22, 58, 73, 75, 60 or 196 an by train : Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya to Estación de Avinguda del Tibidabo

More informations here


Cable car of Barcelona


An 8 people cabin take you to the port to Monjuic Hill, where you can visit the Castle of Montjuic or enjoy a spectacular view of th city and the sea .

More informations here


El Pueblo Espñol


The one and uniaue place of Barcelona where you can take your time visiting in a single place all specialities of Spain. It imitate typicall place and houses from all regions of Spain.

It’s Located on Montjuic Hill

More informations here


The Magic Fountainof Mountjuic

Magic Fountain)

Enjoy the perfect addition of music, water and light at the Magic Fountain of Montjuic, and for free. You can’t miss it !


Las Golondrinas


Visit Barcelona with another point of view, the sea one. This ship take you at he end of Las Ramblas near from Colombus Column, and goes to Diagonal Mar.

More informations here


The Mammoth Museum


Let’s discover authentic skeletons of animals from the Ice Time ! You’ll enjoy your visit what touch all your senses.

How to go here ? in Metro, the Yellow line to “Jaume 1”

More informations here


Whe Hope all the family enjoy their trip in Barcelona with Barc

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