The 5 best running spots in Barcelona

We have made a selection of the 5 best places to enjoy your run in Barcelona :

Barceloneta Seafront

Run in seafront of barcelonetta Barcelona

Photo by



You can start running from Port Vell near Barceloneta, reach Parc del Forum and back.

That will be about 10 km of jogging by the sea, avoiding traffic and breathing fresh air.

Best ways to get there are Barceloneta and Villa Olimpica metro stations, by bicycle or jogging !


Ciutadella Park

running at ciutadella park in Barcelona

This is a very beautiful park with its fountain and palm trees, running there you could enjoy the Arc of Triomf too.

A lap around the park is around 2,5 km which is good if you are starting.


Diagonal Avenue

Running at diagonal avenue Barcelona

There is a long and wide sidewalk along the Diagonal Avenue. This route remains the Barcelona Marathon trail but the problem is polution and noise from the cars.

If you want to run there prefer to run later in the evening or earlier in the morning.


Road de les Aigues and Tibidabo

Run at tibidabo mountain Barcelona

Tibidabo is the distinctive mountain that you can see from anywhere in the city. This the ‘greenest’ route but also one of the hardest. It follows a trail near the Collserola mountains.

It is a circular trail of 18 km, but you can choose to run half of the distance you usually make and turn around.

There is a great view over the city but it gets really crowded in the weekends.


Montjuic Park

Run in Montjuic Barcelona

The last place is Montjuïc Park, this park has the additional attraction of being very green and verdant. There is plenty to see en route: the castle, the Olympic stadium and the Botanical Gardens.

Don’t forget of course the breathtaking views across the city and out to sea !


Hope you will enjoy your run in Barcelona !

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