Best Mobile Applications to visit Barcelona

Nowadays in many case tourism sounds like Smartphones, to take photos, including selfie and sharing live your trip on social media or with friends.

That the reason why the City of Barcelona have developed wifi coverage on all most important places of Barcelona. You can find the map of the wifi station just here.

According to these, a lot of mobile applications providing advices and help have arisen. So we have selected the best of them. In this selection we don’t will talk about the famous one like Groupon, The Fork etc but only specific app to Barcelona.

To discover Barcelona walking

City Guide BCN City, Barcelona – Travel Guide minube & BCN Paisatge

Ico 1

The 2 first app are good city guide with a lot of information about restaurants and what to do in the city. The last one -made by the city- talk about unique elements of the urban cityscape of Barcelona.


Special City guide Antoni Gaudí – the Complete Guide, BCN Arquitectura, Barcino 3D

Ico 2
These app give you another point of view of the city.

The first one explain you all there is to know about Gaudi’s architecture. There is explanation of all the building he design in Barcelona. Very useful if you like his style and want to learn more about it.

The second one give you informations about the architecture of the city in general, by district and style. Interesting when you’re walking to the street and you want to know what is this beautiful building in front of you !

The 2 others offer a journey into the past, one is Barcelona at Roman Empire time. So you can enjoy Barcelona from 2 differents ages ! In real life and with the app, like if you where a roman in Barcelona !


barcino 3D-2

(Bonus) Food & Beach


This app help you to find gluten-free restaurants ! Very helpful for who can’t eat gluten !


This app give you the information about the different beach of Barcelona live like the weather, water temperature, what’s around etc.


Helping for transportation

The Metro Application
Metro TMB
This app give you all the informations you need about the Metro of Barcelona. There is a map, the traffic conditions, and you can find your route in Barcelona asking for where you want to go it can locate where you are to show you the closest metro station.

This app also can do it for city buses but there is another app dedicated to city bus.

Metro TMB-2
Taxi : My Taxi & By Taxi
This 2 apps help you to find a Taxi in real time. You ask via the app and inform on what type of taxi you need and a taxi come.
You can also comment to the community aboute the car, the driver etc.


This app is dedicated to give you all the information you need about your route, the traffic and the frequency of the city buses.
Bus AMB-2
– Car : ApparkB
If you come by car in Barcelona this app would be very usefull to understand where you can park for freen, or in a blue zone or in green zone, what is not really easy to understand the first time you come.

This one say you in what zone you are and the conditions of parking. You can also paid with it.

This app is developed in partnership with the city of Barcelona.


– Plane : Info Vuelos
This app is helpful to check your information about your flight live. The is the time, the gate, the terminal and you can ask for notifications for your flight.

An easy way to track you flight in real time.


More app made by the city just here

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