The 5 major inventions of Barcelona

Barcelona is not only the Sagrada Familia, las Ramblas and the beach ! There is also others inventions made in Barcelona to make lfe that much better !

1- Chupa Chups lollipops.


Based on the simple idea to eat sweets on a stick to keep kids’ hands sticky-free ! The founder of the Chupa Chups company boughtin 1958 the patent of this idea that was manufactured in Barcelona, in Can Reñé.

He also ask to Salvador Dalí himself to design the logo !

The idea caught on, and Chupa Chups are still all the rage.



2- The submarine Ictineo I

Also among our top inventions is a submarine !

Ictineo I  was a pioneering submarine constructed in Barcelona, Spain in 1858–1859 by Narcís Monturiol to help coral fishing.

The craft was tested in Barcelona in 1859 and Elizabeth II promised to finance the development.
You can see it at The Maritim Museum of Barcelona


3- The Bonamusa chair


This chairs were designed for the UN delegates in Geneva can sit in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room  by Antoni Bonamusa.

As far as human rights goes, we got it right sit on Barcelonans chair.


4- Juanola mints

This small pellets mint founded in 1906 in the Gràcia district are very helpfull against bad breath and coughing attacks.

There are also very friendly because when you want to give to your riend they never come alone !

They always end up with a handful. But time has taught us to just leave it alone, as it’s extremely bad form to try to repo the extras.

Juanola mints

5- The 11th travel from the 10 travels metro ticket

This idea is designed to get the most out of transport cards, and share it with the community.

Once you’ve used up the 10 trips on your T-10 card, you can leave it at your last stop, where someone else can use it with the time remaining for a transfer.

They get to ride for free while you get to do your good deed for the day.

You can also send a tweet to let others know where it is.



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