Bars with free tapas in Barcelona

Sun is coming back and spring is coming fast so it will soon be time to find the good habit of eating tapas with friends in terrace bars.

To celebrate that we have selected for you the bars that offer free tapas with drinks. A perfect way to enjoy more your tapas time !

They can offer you these piece of gastronomy thanks to the quality from their kitchen !

Enjoy your tapas time in Barcelona !


Ambiente del Sur

Ambiente del sur

This was the first to propose a different home made tapas with all this beers. Fruit of a Catalan and a Granadian the deal also is very nice and is always full of young people.

A must for the free tapa in Barcelona !

Where : Viladomat 85

Metro : Red Line L1 stop Rocafort / Purple Line L2 stop Sant Antoni


Gata Mala

Gata Mala

A local small but very warm, you will need to elbow to make you a seat at the bar but it is really worth.

It is a pleasure to see the tapas that are made, all delicious, generous and homemade.

Enjoy with a very good Moritz beer !

Where : Rabassa, 37 Gràcia District

Metro : Yellow line L4 stop Joanic


Cassette Bar

Cassette Bar

This bar has found a rare balance between retro and futuristic universe. This balance is made possible thanks to small details which leave a very pleasant taste.

In the afternoon and evening, they give away various proposals to nibble with your drink, such as a croquette squid ink that will make you salivate just see it !

Where : Est, 11 El Raval District

Metro : Green Line L3 Stop Drassanes


Casa Mayo

Casa Mayo

This Galician in Barcelona is one of the best kept treasures of Sants District.

Beyond a very competent menu for € 9.50 in May House will serve you a delicious skewer with each beer you ask.

His autenthic and simple atmosphere hides good fresh produce and a waiter -the David- will try you as if you were family.

Be sure to try nor the pork’ or the Galician octopus !

Where : Rector Triadó, 72 Santz District

Metro : Green Line L3 stop Tarragona


La Xula Taperia

la Xula

This bar had free tapas with each drink by his creative cuisine. Their beers are pulled an unbeatable way, and tapas are assimilated to creative cuisine in small format and very casual mood.

Examples ? Cake with tuna tataki and mustard or burrito pringao -the roast meat Andaluz-, spinach and cheese.

You have to tried it will pleasantly surprise you !

Where : Mare de Déu dels Desamparats, 19

Metro : Green Line L3 stop Fontana

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