Barcelona Beer Festival, March 2015.

For its fourth edition, the Barcelona Beer Festival will take place, from Friday 13th to Sunday 15th, in the Maritime Museum. It’s located in the Royal Shipyards building.


the Royal Shipyards building

The entrance price is around 7 euros, which include a glass, an information booklet and 2 festival coins. You will be served only in your festival glass and the only way to pay for your beers is using the festival coins. You will be able to buy extra coins for 1 euro each. Each beer of the 300 you will find there has its own price according to production costs (from 2 to 4 euros).

In order to help or advice you during the beer festival, you will be informed by a group of volunteers (wearing blue shirts). But, if you feel more confident with paper, the 88 pages booklet is made for you!

The festival presents beer as a gastronomic product and its aim is to taste and discover new beers, not to drink as many as you can. All artisans there can refuse to serve you if they think it’s necessary.


The best way to go to the Beer Festival is by Metro but you can also take a bus, a taxi, a bicycle or even come walking.

Our last advice is to come early in the morning to avoid large queues at the entrance.

To get the better of the festival and enjoy it, you can find our available apartments near to the Maritime Museum on:


Dates and hours: Friday 13th and Saturday 14th: from 11h to 23h / Sunday 15th: from 11h to 21h.

Address: Av de las Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona.

Price: 7€ (Entrance + Glass + Booklet + 2 first coins)

Cost of extra coins: 1€ each.

Underground: Drassanes (Linea 3).

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