St. Jordi’s day 23 of April

St. Jordi’s day is the most romantic day in #Barcelona and #Catalunya . This day has a strong testimony of the #Catalan culture. The legend of Saint George is that he killed a dragon to save a king’s daughter, beautiful princess and after he presented a red rose for her, which mirrored his deep feelings, respect and love.
• People decorated city with roses and you could see street actors in princess dresses in the main streets.

IMG_1963Many Barcelona markets, museums and institutions have special Sant Jordi activities for families and children. Theatres, exhibitions, galleries in Barcelona offer tickets with discounts from Sant Jordi’s day and until the end of April.

• On #SantJordiday the men in Catalunya give a red rose to ladies, and nowadays a new Sant Jordi tradition is that the ladies give the men a book.

• April 23rd is not only famous for the Sant Jordi legend; it also commemorates the death of two great writers, Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare The process of finding great books on Sant Jordi’s day is a kind of funny lottery- and you can do that along central streets, where hundreds of book stands present special offers.

• Every girl hopes for a rose on Sant Jordi’s day and so many good guys give roses to family, neighbourhoods, friends and classmates. A white rose means #innocence and clena feelings. A yellow rose symbolises #friendship. An orange rose symbolises passion and a pink rose means happiness. But red is still the most common rose to give, it shows deep feelings and love. Some roses sell with the message “t’estimo,” – “I love you” in Catalan.

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