Job and clients

In my opinión, the most important thing from your job is not salary and timetable, but your confidence and feeling that you do something significant. Strongly sure, that job is necessary. Nowadays, jobless is not ´trendy´- successful person, interesting person should spend somehow and somewhere time at work.
I was working since school, I always combine my education and work, of course it was not always comfortable and I had a lot of issues because of it. But it helps me with so much things, for instance, now I know that the most important to keep calm, because there is not so many reasons in the world to panic and nervous cages are not restored 😉
At my internship, the most attractive part of job is communication. Every day, I meet people from different cities, countries and continents. For some of them trip to Barcelona is not big deal and they are quite experienced travelers, for others it is desirable trip and they counted days before it in waiting. People come here for so many reasons: romantic holidays, parties, for lazy laying at the beach, to see Sagrada Familia, for business trip, for education.
Because of work, every day I see a lot of people and I am really inspired before our meeting, I prepare my map to explain about tourist´s routs and awesome non-touristy places. I like answer to questions, because I was the same, when I came here, I did´t know where to eat, where to buy good fruits, which places is more costly, than good etc.
With some of clients I stay in good relations, they send me photos from places, which I recommend them to visit, or they call me during their trip, to ask an advice. It is not big deal for me, to help somebody and it brings me joy.
As well, I meet unsociable guests, possibly they are tired after flight or just in a bed mood, I just try to be short with instruction about apartment and leave them. Some of clients are extremely friendly and nothing is better than to get message or comment about their trip, it is really pleasure, when you organize and provide good apartment and people estimate what you did.

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