Barcelona on fire or The Nit de Sant Joan

The Nit de Sant Joan (23 of June) is one of the most active and incredible night in #Barcelona!

Everybody celebrates the evening with dinners, parties, fireworks and there are many #bonfires all over Barcelona and #Catalunya. All Sant Joan #events in Barcelona are organised locally by #families and #friends. You can find a shop with #fireworks at every street right now! Every district of the city organizes outdoor #parties and in every bar and café you can take your glass of #cava.revetlla-sant-joan

The beaches are the place (which attracts crowds of up to 100.000 people) to be for the festivities and the #metro will be busy all night. Make sure you can get home easily by booking an #apartment next to the beach for #SantJoan
On June 24, like at every public #holliday it is not easy find a open shop, bar or #restaurant, unfortunately most of them are closed. This day is really quite and relax, it is good #opportunity to sleep after great party.
The traditional food eaten on this day is the #coca, which is a type of sweet bread.

At this #festival people follow some fun #traditions (or perhaps too much fun sometimes), if u want to feel youself real catalan for one night you shold follow them too!

  • Fire Burning something on the Sant Joan fire is said to cleanse your soul from past sins. At midnight you will see many people start to throw old belongings into the flames (particularly #furniture).
  • Water (‘Bathe on Sant Joan and you’ll be healthy all year round’) – the water of Sant Joan is reputed to have healing properties, capable of curing the body of all ills. Many people take this literally and take a #midnight dip in the ocean.
  • Herbs (‘the herbs of Sant Joan retain their virtues all year round’) – people often collect #herbs to eat on the day of Sant Joan. Legend has it that their healing powers are enhanced one hundred times during these 24 hours.


2014-06 Sant Joan 068

Sant Joan

• The beaches will be closed at 06:00 in the morning of 24/6 for cleaning.
• Barcelona metro and #trams are open all night on June 23
• Be careful with your bags and don’t take valuables out with you – it’s the ideal night for pickpockets.
• If you plan to go out for dinner on June 23 make sure you book ahead – many people will be planning on doing the same. If you are going to the beach get there early for a good spot.
• Don’t worry about finding out particular times for particular events – just head outside after nightfall and you won’t have to look far for the action.
• If you don’t like loud noises, lots of people and hangovers, this is not the festival for you.
• If you do like an electric atmosphere and crazy but unforgettable parties, dive right in.

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