Discounts in Barcelona!Summer sales!

Barcelona Summer sales

Summer is perfect time not just only for beach and sunbathing, but for shopping too!
They start on 1st July in Barcelona. In July shops can choose to stay open on Sundays. The only Barcelona shopping centre that is always open on Sundays all year is the Maremagnum mall in Barcelona Port Vell (close station is Barcelonetta.
The sale lasts for more than a month, so there’s not really a rush. But,if you really want a cute pair of jeans or nice dress which you saw, look alive because your size may sell out in the first couple weeks.

As the month of July moves along, stores will knock more off their prices.I remember that once I’ve bought some clothes from expansive brands  and I was surprised how cheap it was. And pricey boutiques late in the sales (like August) at very cheap prices.
The three most central shopping options are Portal del Angel ( Pl. Catalunya) for classic, mid-range shops ; Passeig de Gracia (for chic stores)
Book apartment for summer shopping here:

Depending on the shop, if you pay with your credit card you may have to show your passport, so keep this in mind and have a good holidays!!!=)коллаж

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