Street Art in Barcelona !

You booked with us and you are looking for adventure ? If you are fan of Street Art and you love discover a new city by walking around in noun touristic places, follow us for a graphic trip in streets of Barcelona !


Barcelona is well known for its artistic monuments and famous artists. However, it is time to move away from Gaudí, De Miró or Picasso and follow a new and unusual itinerary : the Freedom of speech of the art from the street.

In fact, nowadays in historical districts, graffiti artists, authorities and merchant found a compromise to this short-lived art.

Street Art Barcelona

You can walk by yourself and stroll in the streets, if you pay attention in every corner of Barcelona you will find an artistic representation. Also, if you don’t want to miss any of the best Street Art of the city, a special organisation organise 3 special tours and for FREE ! Barcelona Street Style invites you to discover famous graffiti artists such as C215, Invader, Miss Van, Alice Pasquini, BToy, Tom 14, PEZ and Sam 3.

Barcelona Street Art

One of the big advantage of this tour is not only the opportunity of unearthing amazing Street Art in Barcelona, but also to discover unsuspected places. Nothing compared with a classical travel tour !

Let’s go for the exploration of this new and attractive facet of Barcelona !

For further information follow the Facebook page of Barcelona Street Style organisation :

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