Castanyada VS Halloween !

Everybody knows Halloween right ?

What about La Castanyada in Catalonia ?


La Castanyada is a traditional festival celebrated in Catalonia for All Saints Day.

To make it short, it is similar as the famous Halloween tradition, but is not so scary and it is local ! La Castanyada which means “chestnut time” is very famous in Barcelona and has its great importance such as Halloween in some countries.

The celebration in honour of loved ones lost is the 1st November, and most of the time, families celebrate Tot Sants (All Saints’ Day) with traditional dishes named castanyes (roasted chestnuts), “moniatos” (sweet potatoes), panellets (cakes) and muscatel sweet wine.

The panellets are various and small round sweet cakes. You should try the one with almonds in a dough and layered with pine nuts ! This one is really typical and delicious ! Almonds and pine nuts is not your favourite one ? Nevermind, you can find many other delicious panellets with different flavours such as coconut, lemon, chocolate, coffee … Yummy !


The Castanyes are perhaps the most famous food to be found in Barcelona in October ! Traditionally eaten on the night before and the day of the Castanyada, you can buy them everywhere in streets of Barcelona. You will find vendors who have set up little stalls for this special event. These known as “Castanyers and Castanyeres”, roast the chestnuts on charcoal grills, and serve them hot and wrapped in newspaper, ready to warm you up as the weather in Barcelona begins to turn chilly – even if many people still in T-shirt during this period.


So come to enjoy this warm and yummy All Saints Day in Barcelona !

And …

bona castanyada_2

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