Street art in Barcelona

If you’ve been to Barcelona even once, you’ve definitely noticed that this city is overflowing with graffiti. Hundreds of street art artists keep expressing themselves and inspiring others with their masterpieces. El barrio Gotico, el Born, El Raval are the most central and touristic neighbourhoods of the city, where you can find lots and lots of street art. In this post we will show some art works, which definitely deserve your attention.


In Barcelona you may book a Street Art Tour and the group of activists will show you all the streets full of colourful paintings. On Sunday when, basically, all the shops are closed, the shop shutters make Barcelona streets look like avenues of urban canvases. The most attractive thing about the graffities is that almost every painting has a message and the meaning the artist wants to pass on. Mostly, street art is a cultural movement, kind of artistic expression and today it became an actual weapon for expressing socio-political views. With Barcelona4seasons you may easily rent an apartment for the short or long term in full of street art areas and discover Barcelona from another point of view, passing through squares and streets where colourful stickers and stencils absolutely rule.

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