El Raval

El Raval is one of the most contradictory neighborhoods in Barcelona. This vibrant, colorful neighborhood has so many edges and traits that it’s impossible to define it with one or two words. Raval is definitely an interesting and exciting area of Barcelona, which obviously has flaws, but its own character and personality makes this place as a must visit zone.

If you are looking for the place full of authenticity, originality and true colors of life El Raval or the area close to it is the perfect place to rent an apartment for holidays. This multicultural neighborhood has a lot of different conceptual cafes, restaurants and bars. Also, this area became popular because there is located a lot of art galleries, bookshops and MACBA (the modern art museum).In Raval you won’t find fancy designer brands, but you will find unique, extraordinary things you can’t find anywhere else.

Life in this area is in full swing during the day and night and the central location make you easily get to many interesting and popular places like Gothic quarter or Eixample. Raval is not for everyone, but for those who wants to see the real life of ordinary people, it’s not really fancy and very clean, but its’ uniqueness and individuality definitely makes it worth visiting. With Barcelona4seasons you may easily rent a fully equipped apartment very close to this area for long or short term and definitely make your vacations unforgettable.


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