Architecture and traits of Barcelona neighbourgoods

When hear about Barcelona many people automatically imagine Gaudi’s masterpieces, which are definitely worth being in love with. But architecture in Barcelona is so much more than Antonio Gaudi. There are several main neighbourhoods in Catalan capital like Barceloneta, Sants, Eixample, El Born, El Raval, Gracia, Montjuic, Port Olimpic. Each of them has its traits, specialities and architecture. In this post you will get some information about the architecture and some traits in some areas, which will help you to decide in which neighbourhood you prefer to stay during your holidays in Barcelona.


Dim, narrow back streets and at the same time Barceloneta is a cosmopolitan, touristic area with a lot of bars, cafes and nightlife. Barcelona Is good for families, who are looking for a beach-relaxing holiday. There is the 2nd biggest aquarium, which is worth to visit, but also this area is perfectly suitable for young people who are looking for fun and nightlife, because there are places several big nightclubs.


Eixample is an area of straight lines and the whole area is set out in a grid with each block having an inner courtyard. In this neighbourhood is hard to get lost and quite easy to find places. Eixample is a safe and residential part of the city, but there is also vibrant nightlife and a lot of cozy cafes. From most of the parts of this area you can walk till the city center. Eixample is a great area to stay for the short or long term while your vacations.

El Born

El Born is one of the most fashionable places in Barcelona. It includes medieval streets, like Calle Montcada, where is now the Picasso museum placed. Nowadays people are attracted to Born for the shopping, which is quite costly in this area.


You could call Gracia as an independent area. There are many different bars, cozy cafes. Buildings and streets are smaller than in the center. The area is perfect who wants something a bit different from the city center, but also for those who like shopping!

Port Olympic

One of the most attractive areas of the city to visit or to rent an apartment for holidays, the area is full of bars, restaurants, leisure facilities and modern sculptures.


Montjuic means Jewish Mountain, it lies opposite Tibidabo Mountain, and the castle on the top offers fascinating views over the city and the military museum also is places there. There also some cozy picnic spots on Monjuic near the viewpoint. Definitely a good place to stay for the holidays in Barcelona.

No doubts that every area has its flaws, but basically all of them are unique and interesting. Definitely worth visiting. Barcelona4seasons offers fully equipped, cozy apartments in these areas or close to them. Make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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