El Eixample

El Exaimple is the biggest neighbourhood in Barcelona, which were constructed by Catalan engineer Ildefons Cerdá (1815-1875). Cerdá loved straight lines, and his idea was to place two of the Eixample’s main avenues along a geographic parallel split by roads crossing perpendicularly. His aim was to overcome social problems by using quadrangular blocks of a standard size, with strict building controls to ensure that they were built up on two sides, to a limited height, leaving a garden in between. That would guarantee the maximum amount of sun, light and ventilation. The most characteristic feature of Cerdá’s plan is the 45 degree angled corner of each block. The idea behind this was to make traffic easier in all directions. It was mainly a street tram what he had in his mind, because the turning radius was quite long. Unfortunately, not everyone liked Cerdá’s ideas, people thought that Eixample structure was too simple and identical, moreover, not really practical.

Nowadays, the larger blocks have been converted into offices. Old time residents are converted into banks, hotels and shopping centers.

The most famous street of Barcelona La Rambla de Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia make up the heart of El Eixample. Both streets belong to the right side of the neighbourhood. This part of the neighbourhood has the most beautiful architecture since it was the first area to be developed with many buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí. Many apartments which once were family homes turned into professional offeces, banks, museums, shopping avenues, bars and restaurants. It’s a true pleasure to have long walks in this part of the neighbourhood, everything looks very fancy and beautiful.

The left part of El Eixample was built a bit later than the right side and it is more residential. This part has two large markets called the Ninot and Mercat de Sant Antoni.

El Eixample is safe, interesting neighbourhood with very comfortable construction, which won’t let you get lost even without a map. This is definitely a good place to stay for holidays in Barcelona. We gladly will offer you a big choice of fully equipped apartments in this neighbourhood for the short or long term rental.






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