Barcelona, Catalonia’s capital of gastronomy

The Capital of Catalonia combines the cultural background of 2000 years of history-with all the anthropological background and chefs who have helped to make Barcelona the first Gourmand City outside France in 2002. Also, Barcelona has the privilege of being home to some of the world’s best chefs like Ferran Adriá.

Eating out is one of the most popular and practised activities in Barcelona. You don’t have to put much effort to find a nice place to have a lunch/dinner or just to take a coffee. The variety of places is truly huge. Moreover, gastronomy nowadays is becoming more and more one of the main reasons of choosing a Vacation destination. The most of eating establishments are located in touris areas like Eixample or Ciutat Vella. Those areas are great for staying in during the holidays. You can easily rent a fully equipped apartment in Eixample with Barcelona4seasons and enjoy Barcelona gastronomy and beautiful architecture at any time. Statistically, every day in Catalan Capital around one million dishes are served. And those, which are sold to the tourists, have this distributive effect on local economy.

If talking about typical dishes of Catalonia and Spain in general, it’s impossible not to bring up the traditional rice dish, paella, preferably made with seafood and eaten on a terrace near the seaside or another typical product like tapas, which Ferran Adriá brought up to date with his brother Albert. Another traditional dish of Catalonia is called Arroz Caldoso, which means soupy rice. It’s prepared with broth and combined with meat or shellfish and vegetables.


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