Laberint d’Horta

Barcelona is full of wonderful touristic places, which are more than worth visiting, but sometimes we just seek for a peaceful place to spend time with friends or family. Laberint d’Horta is the perfect place for spending quality time without any rush and huge amount of the tourists.

Works began in 1791 when marquis Joan Antoni Desvalls and an Italian architect Dominico Bagutti created the design of a neoclassical garden. The park is currently a garden-museum and no more than 750 people can visit it at time in order to preserve the delicate environment and structures of the area.

In the park you can absolutely enjoy the nature, beautiful gardens, mini canals with lots of fish, waterfalls and an amazing atmosphere of peace and calmness in general.

In 2006 one scene of Tom Tykwer’s movie “Perfume” was filmed in the park.

Laberint d’ Horta is located in the northern part of Barcelona but has the perfect public transport connection with the city center.

Autumn is the perfect place to visit Barcelona, at this time of the year it’s not so hot and the city is not that busy in general. Definitely a good period to spend beautiful moments in Catalan Capital. We offer you fully equipped apartments in the best city areas, to get more info visit or contact us by email :



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