Monjuic is definitely a “must visit” place in Barcelona. It’s translated as “Jew Mountain” and located on the hill with a relatively flat top overlooking the harbour and the southwest of the city. The hill is 184 m high.

Monjuic include a lot of attractions, such as National Palace, Magic Fountains, The Olympic Stadium, Sant Jordi Palace, Telecommubication tower, botanic garden. The top of the hill can be reached using the Funicular de Munjuic.

If you have free time, take your friends/family/lovers, take your camera and go up to the hill, which is not going to be a challenge, because on the way up you may use escalators, which will make the way much more easy that if you went by your own. On the way up, you are not only going to see beautiful views but meet different street artists, painters, magnet sellers etc. Finally, when you reached the top you will see a fascinating view of the beautiful Barcelona and here not forget to take a photo, because this beautiful moment is definitely worth capturing.

Another beautiful place to my mind is the botanic garden, placed around 5 min away by walk from the top. There you will feel absolutely away from the busy city center and plunge into absolutely peaceful atmosphere of plants, little lakes and romantics.

If you go a bit more up, soon you will reach the Olympic Stadium and TV Tower, which looks very interesting. The Olympic stadium is the perfect place to meet the sunset or if you like to wake up early a sunrise.

Despites all this, you can find there the second biggest stadium in Barcelona. Only for 5 euro you may enter inside, take photos with football player statues, play football with friends  and try other kinds of sports. Definitely an attractive place for those who love sports.

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