Best parks and gardens in Barcelona

We are lucky to live in Barcelona since it has a sea from one side and mountains from another side, fabulous culture, delicious food and friendly people. But Barcelona also has many green spaces, elegant gardens and wonderful parks scattered throughout the city. In this article we included 4 the most important parks for visiting in our opinion while you are in Barcelona. Keep reading!

  1. Park Güell

Park Güell is the most famous park of Barcelona. It is one of the most important sights in Barcelona, especially for those who appreciate Gaudi’s works. The construction of the park started in 1900 and it was inaugurated in 1926. Nature and human intervention complement each other at Park Güell. Antoni Gaudi was ordered by his patron, the Count Güell, to construct a residential area where inhabitants could enjoy a vast gardened area. The name of the park is in English because Güell wanted to recreate the British residential parks. Park Güell is very beautiful and interesting to visit to enjoy a variety plants and flowers, architecture, splendid views over the Barcelona city and the Mediterranean Sea. One of most well-known images stands at the park’s entrance: the trencadís dragon-like lizard which attracts many tourists to take photos. The closest metro station to the park is Lesseps. From there it takes about 15 minutes walking to get there. The park is much recommended for visiting!

  1. Parc de la Ciutadella

Parc de la Ciutadela or the Ciutadella Park is the oldest and the biggest public park in Barcelona. It was opened to the public in 1877 and still it is the most popular green area in the city. The park was built on the site of a former citadel garrison fort, which was built after Catalonia rebelled against Spain and was defeated in 1714 in the War of Spanish Succession. Parc de la Ciutadela has the city zoo, Parliament of Catalonia, a small lake where you can rent a rowing boat, museums and a large gorgeous fountain designed by Josep Fontserè. This park has the museum of Natural Science that comprises a museum of zoology and a museum of geology. During summer months from June until August there are free activities including concerts and other events. Locals come to this park to do sports, practice yoga, make picnics with friends or spend a nice day with family. This park can be an interesting place to go if you are in Barcelona with children since there are many curious things, like an ancient mammoth, which is very nice to take pictures with.  The entrance to the park is closer to the station Arc de Triomf.

  1. Gardens of Montjuic

Montjuic is a big area in the city that has castle, parks and botanic gardens, the museum of the National Art of Catalonia, the fortress, Olympic stadium and many other interesting things to explore. Actually, montjuic is a hill. Its name is referred to as “Jewish Mountain” in mediaeval Latin and Catalan documents, and remains of a mediaeval Jewish graveyard have been found there. At the top of Montjuic hill you will find the castle of Montjuic. Originally it was built to defend the city. From there you can observe Barcelona and see all the important buildings, like Sagrada Familia for example. In front of the fortress there is a colourful garden full of flowers and beautiful plants. It is nice to spend a day in this area, relaxing and enjoying the magnificent views of Barcelona.

  1. Parc del Guinardo

Parc del Guinardo provides impressive views over Barcelona from Bunkers del Carmel. Both day and night you will enjoy it a lot. It is one of the best spots in the city to take pictures. The park itself is divided into three distinct areas: an urban part, a historical part and a top part, which is made up of lush woodland vegetation.  Locals also come here to run and to do sports. When you come to the park you will see a great biodiversity. There are many pines and tipu trees that blossom during summer.  Here you can feel that you are outside of the city and inside the city at the same time. Really worth visiting!

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