Nit de San Joan : the night of the fire

Also in Barcelona they are celebrating the Midsummer, but of course it’s once again different than it is celebrated in other parts in the world. The traditional midsummer party in Spain is the celebration in honour of San Juan, who is regarded as a prophet in many religions. The celebrations of midsummer are taking place in the evening of June 23.

The night of San Joan is the Catalan way to say welcome to the summer in the shortest night of the year.

Sant Joan traditions: 


Food is like always in Catalonia also an important part of this Catalan celebration.
For Sant Joan there is a traditionell dessert that is called “coca”,which is a kind of cake.It consists of flour,suggar, eggs, baking powder, salt, zest and lard.The whole cake is covered with candied fruit. Of course there are various kinds of cocas in every part of Spain. In the Province of Alicante for example there is a variation with vegetables and tuna.
In Barcelona you can find during San Juan “coca” in every bakery.


In Catalonia there is a long tradition of fireworks allegedly date back to the arabs which had a big influence of Spanish culture.

In Barcelona every single borough has its own firework event, you can see bonfires all-night long. The neighbourhoods are full of people who are dancing and celebrating all night long in the streets and squares. Up to 10 days before the Night of Sant Joan small shops and huts are setting up where you can buy firecrackers. So say good bye to your daily deserved siesta when you are living in a lively neighbourhood.

Each barrio in Barcelona has its own firework display along with local all-night bonfires fuelled by collections of old furniture! In the barrios you will find dancing and celebrations in the plazas, street parties, music and entertainment. Firecracker – “petardos” – shops and huts spring up all over Barcelona and are usually open 10 days before the Night of Sant Joan. So be prepared for many small and big bangs on the days before Sant Joan. If you live in a crowded neighbourhood you can probably forget about taking a siesta.

Besides the fire the element of water plays a central role in the celebrations of Sant Joan. Tradition has it that in this night you can yourself cleanse of sins with any water, you can do it in the sea, in a lake or in a sink, if you do so, you will be free of sind and completely cured of all diseases. If you are going to celebrate this night at the beaches, as many do, it’s of course the perfect possibility to drown your sins in the Mediterranean Sea. By this time the water temperature will be aroun 22-23 degrees, so this will be a good oportunity to cool down yourself. Everyone should have done an evening swim at least once in its life. If you can make it, you should defenitely be at the beach until the sun rises.It’s defenitly worth it.

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